Flight simulation

MEONYS has strong expertise in simulation systems. We develop software solutions for flight simulators: avionics interface, simulation models and flight loop integration, motion control / force feedback and educational modules.

Avionics interface software

Simulateur X-Plane

Acquisition and control of avionics data from the simulation environment (Prepar 3D, X-Plane, …). Recording of avionics data for different applications (studies, pedagogy, …).

Flight loop and simulation models

Heart of the simulation, we work on the flight loop by offering integration support and functional validation. We are also working on simulation models by rehosting the embedded software of real equipment.

Motion system

Acquisition of the simulation parameters (attitudes, angular velocities, load factors). Calculation of the 3 axes displacements of the platform for the restitution of the movements. Control of platform motors (EtherCAT bus, CAN bus, RS232).

Active feedback of flight controls

Acquisition of the flight control parameters of the simulation (stick/yoke positions, pedals, …). Calculation of the forces to be applied to the flight controls according to the parameters of the aerodyne. Control in position/speed/torque of the force feedback motors.

Educational software

Logiciel pédagogique

Development of didactic softwares connected to the simulation environment.

Acquisition of simulation data, generation of result reports.

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