ARINC 429 Bluetooth Analyser

AriScope is an ARINC 429 Bluetooth® interface for an Android Smartphone.

AriScope ARINC 429 Analyser

The tool enables the acquisition and analysis of each received bit at both High Speed and Low Speed in real time.

The associated AriScope Android application displays the list of the received labels with individual refresh rates, detailed information and an oscillogram of a selected label.

AriScope is also able to record the whole activity of the line into a text file that is sent immediately by e-mail from the application.

AriScope module


  • Bluetooth® 3.0 communication
  • One green LED (device status)
  • AriScope Android application
  • Battery life: 50 hours in runtime, 2 years in standby
  • Batterie lithium 18650
  • Module size: 87mm – 30mm – 23mm
  • Weight (with battery): 79g
  • Temperature range: 0°C – 60°C
  • Delivered with battery et charger

The battery powered device has a small size and is very simple to use (no cable). With a fully charged 18650 lithium battery, the runtime is over 50 hours.

Label page of the AriScope application

AriScope is shipped with a 18650 battery and a charger. The AriScope application can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store: Download AriScope.

Scope page of the AriScope application

The new version is available: it enables label decoding in real-time from a descriptor file that is simply dropped into the corresponding folder on the Smartphone (see datasheet).

Datasheet AriScope

Download the Datasheet:

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Price and availability

Unit price 2300€ VAT excluded with a 2 years warranty.
Quantitative discount.
Delivery time 3 weeks.

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Privacy policy

Read the AriScope application privacy policy.

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