Drone systems: consulting and development

Professional photography, technical studies (topography, inspection of structures, cartography, photogrammetry), observation,… drone systems are varied, designed and adapted to a particular mission.

MEONYS supports you in your aerial work activity. Help in the study, the systems definition as well as the assembly of your drone systems (multirotors, planes, helicopters, hybrids …).

We offer personalized services for the mechanical mounting of commercial vectors, the integration of systems (data link, shooting, power supply, security systems). We also are able to develop vectors that meet your specific constraints.


Consulting, assembly and systems integration

Describe your needs, your constraints, your expectations. We advise you in the choice of the vector:

  • Quadricopter, Hexacopter, Octocopter,…
  • Plane
  • Helicopter
  • Hybride vector

We advise you and can carry out the installation of your equipment:

  • Payload (gimbal, camera, specific sensors)
  • Data transmission, video
  • Landing gear systems, light system, parachute,…

We also offer technical support and maintenance:

  • Technical and operational improvements
  • Mechanical and electrical repairs

Case study: Professional aerial photography

This case describes the need for a photography professional.

Objective: get on board a high-end DSLR Canon 5D Mark III photo camera in a drone to take aerial shots in S3 work scenario.  The mass of the payload as well as the desired autonomy has to be analysed in the choice of the drone. In the case studied, the photo camera with its lens has a mass of around 1.5kg. The desired shooting time is of the order of 10 to 15 minutes.  An octocopter such as the Dji S1000 + is perfectly suited for this mission. 4.4 kg empty and 11 kg maximum at takeoff, it can therefore carry a Canon 5D Mark III photo camera (with the Zenmuse Z15 stabilizer gimbal) and fly up to 15 minutes with a 6S 15000 mAh battery.

Design and development of specific drone systems

We develop specific air vectors to meet specific operational needs and constraints. In partnership with a regional company specialized in automatic piloting systems and inertial sensors, we are able to respond to requests for the development of tailor-made drone systems:

  • Rapid prototyping of drone technical parts by 3D printing
  • Design and manufacture of drone parts
  • Design of embedded electronic systems
  • Embedded software development, tablet and ground station applications
  • Integration of drone systems (data link, gimbal, video camera, thermal camera, multispectral, LIDAR, lighting)

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