ARINC 429 Bluetooth Generator

AriStim is an ARINC 429 Bluetooth® Generator for an Android smartphone.

AriStim ARINC 429 Generator

The generator function is available on the AriStim stimulator in a trial version (limited to a few hours of usage) and in a full paid version. Please refer to the Price and Availability section.

The tool enables the generation of each label / SDI of an ARINC line, both HIGH SPEED and LOW SPEED. AriStim generates the modified labels on the certified Holt® ARINC 429 TX output.

The AriStim application freely available here: MEONYS AriStim Android Application will allows to select STIMULATION or GENERATION modes.

AriStim application, HOME page

Home page displays the device information (serial number, connection status and battery charge), the line speed (HS or LS) can be changed by clicking the LS/HS button.

AriStim Générateur page principale
AriStim Generator main page

ARINC frames to be generated can be created manually from the user interface or loaded directly from a description file (txt or xml format). All the parameters of each label will be modifiable:

  • Label number
  • SDI and (SDI as DATA)
  • Transmission frequency (Hz)
  • Label position within the frame
AriStim Générateur création de label
AriStim Generator label creation

Generation page

When clicking on a label / SDI in the Home page, the Generation page is displayed, showing generation options of the selected label (and interpretation). The generation page will display in real time all the label / SDI data in RAW and engineering formats. The user will be able to modify each bit by clicking in the corresponding fields:

  • Force value to 0
  • Force value to 1
  • Value reversed (0 -> 1, 1 -> 0 in real time)
  • Value not modified

The data in engineering format corresponding to the modified bit field will then be updated automatically.

AriStim Générateur page génération
Generator page AriStim application

The user will also be able to directly modify the engineering value whose LSB, MIN/MAX, bit position information is displayed for all data fields, the data bits will then be updated automatically.

The power of the tool will allow you to independently modify all fields of the label:

  • Label number and SDI (from the Home page)
  • All data bits
  • SSM
  • Parity (always valid, always invalid)

Datasheet AriStim

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Price and availability

The ARINC 429 Generation function is available in a trial version on the AriStim Stimulator (limited to a few hours of usage) and in a full paid version.

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